Nutanix CVM showing Pxe boot Error

  • 17 February 2016
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Hello All,
We have Four Node XC730xd-24 Cluster running on NOS 4.0.2, last nIght I have applied Esxi patches on all four esxi hosts. After all the operation one of the CVM is showing PXE boot error. As i ran the Cluster status command its showing CVM with 10.201.x.X is down. I have tried restarting the machine but no luck its still the same.

Kindly help !!!

1 reply

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Since this is an XC please open a case with Dell who can then open a case with us as a CVM is down.

I would check the virtual machine setting for the CVM and make sure the cdrom is pointing to the svmboot.iso file. You can also compare this to the other CVMs that booted correctly just to verify the settings are the same.