NGT on *server name* Should be upgraded Error

  • 7 December 2020
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I have about 9 VM that have this error (all 130 other VMS are fine). The VMS are either Server 2012 R2 or server 2016. I have tried manually mounting NGT  CD from the manage guest tools on the Nutanix VM page, then I launch the console and try to install NGT. I run the mounted cd and NGT fails saying that NGT is already installed. I’ve tried uninstalling NGT and reinstalling it from the mounted CD, but it’s not installing the latest version. 

How can I update NGT on these 9 VMs?

7 replies

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Confirm for me please:

  • have you tried unmounting and re-mounting NGT tools?
  • it is installing the NGT on those 9 VMs but not the latest version?
  • Is it PE or PC where you are performing the task?
  • What is the AOS version?

To rule out a false-positive run NCC Health Check: ngt_installer_version_check.



Yes, I have tried unmounting and re mounting NGT tools

Yes, it will install NGT tools on the VMS in question but not the latest version

I’m not sure what you mean by your 3rd question?

AOS version is - Pro License

NCC Version 3.10.06

LCM version

The health check indicated that NGT version 1.82 is installed on the vms in question, the lastest version is 1.90.1

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Thank you for confirming the answers.

The NGT can be upgraded from Prism Element as well as from the Prism Central. I was asking where from are you upgrading the NGT.

I would pick one VM, uninstall NGT following this guide Regenerating NGT Certificates for Guest VMs, made sure the tools are properly uninstalled down to the registry key following KB-6017 NGT install / removal / upgrade / update error on Windows VMs: 0x80070643 Fatal.

And then re-attempt the re-installation from the CLI using the same Regenerating NGT Certificates for Guest VMs guide.

I would also rule out the expired NGT certificates too KB-8120 Regenerating NGT certs for VM's even though when that happens CVM looses connection to the NGT on the VM (see the verification steps in the KB) but still.

What’s interesting to me is that it is those 9 VMs out 130. What OS are those successful ones? Are they Windows Server  2012 and 2016 too?


I am trying to follow the steps in your first link and I get to the part about deleting the vm tools. I put the command into the cli and I get this error:

Error: Invalid Command 'nutanix_guest_tools_cli delete_vm_tools_entity'
Error: Invalid Entity 'nutanix_guest_tools_cli'

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I have to ask if you are trying those commands from a CVM or the user VM? Is the below not what you see when you attempt to use those commands?



I an using command prompt to ssh from my work station into what I assume is the CVM. I’m using the same ip address for the ssh that I use to connect to the prism web interface.

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Yeah, that should work.