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  • 2 July 2015
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I actually have one query.In case of microsoft cluster their is a requirement of quorum normallly in vmware environments the disk used for quorum is my question is how we can resolve this problem in nutanix box.?.i found some post in the nutanix community that their is a seperate Enterprise licensing, SQL AlwaysOn availability groups required for the microsoft cluster to achieve local datastore for the cluster or using tool called SIOS DataKeeper.Can someone please advise on this.thanks in advance.

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2 replies

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For our clusters we utilize File Share Witnesses - a good blog about it below. It doesn't work across all cluster options, but for things such as Exchange and SQL it tends to work well, and it plays very nicely with vMotion which was a huge limitation of SCSI Bus sharing between Virtual Machines.
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Thanks for your valuable information.This information is new to me as i am not experienced in windows.i go through the document which you mentioned .i have some doubts on that.

1.nodes and fileshare option is recommended for multisite cluster as per the link so why it is not recomended for single site cluster.? the requirementa and recommendation section for node and disk majority i can see that the lun format should be is there any requirement of physical lun(RDM) disk.or can we use virtual disk for this option. mentioned fsw work well for exchange and i dont have much lnowledge of cluster scenarios in microsoft.what are the other scenarios where microsoft cluster is used other than sql and exchange.if there are other scenarios why this fsw not suitable for others.

the questions which i mentioned above seems to stupid questions for you 🙂.but please take the questions as coming from a begineer in windows clustering.Please review my questions and advise me.thanks in advance

ritchie james