IPMI - Cold reset, Partial reset and Factory Default

  • 12 September 2020
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There could be many reasons why an administrator would want to perform a factory reset of the IPMI/BMC module. Whatever the reason maybe, knowing the different options and its differences is important.

Using ipmitool, we can perform 3 types of resets each with its own implication. 

  1. Reset BMC 
  2. Partial factory reset (IPMI and BMC reset but will preserve Network settings)
  3. Full factory Default reset (Potential to lose IPMI network settings)

Before you execute any of these commands, note the IP_Addr, Net mask and GW IP_Addr for the IPMI. 

ipmitool lan print

Usage note: On VMware ESXi hypervisor, place a leading "/" in front of "ipmitool", for example, "/ipmitool". The executable is located at the top-level root directory.

Check out the KB-8123 for detailed instructions.

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