Install Splunk on Nutanix

  • 9 February 2015
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Hi Everyone,

I've planed to deploy Spunk on Nutanix on my Company. But i'm newbie in Nutanix, so I have some question about this:

1. Nutanix have hypervisor which I can use is ESXi, HyperV,KVM... so in my case, I will use Esxi and rehat to install Splunk. it's mean I have install Splunk on Redhat which is running on ESXi, is it right? Can i install Redhat directly to Nutanix server (1 node have 4 server?)

2. About the Cluster, Which is control the cluster on VM Host? Vmware vCenter or Nutanix Prism Central?
3. Nutanix have an OS is VM Controller? is it install on Vmware machine or is it a hypervisor?

Thanks for all reply to make my clear this stuff.

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Answers to your questions
Nutanix is a solution in which enterprise storage is presented to hypervisors for running their VM’s/workloads, it is not a replacement of hypervisor, hence Redhat VM cannot run on Nutanix server, it has to one of the three hypervisors which Nutanix support i.e. ESXi, HyperV, KVM.

There are 2 types of clusters, one is cluster of ESXi hosts running on each server and that is managed by vCenter server, Nutanix cluster comprises of Controller VM’s (CVM) which is actually one controller VM per ESXi host and cluster of controller VM can be managed through Prism.

Nutanix CVM is a VM which runs on top of hypervisor, it is not a hypervisor itself.

Going by your questions, it seems to me that you have very little idea about Nutanix solutions. I am posting couple of links for your reference. I would request you to go through the same before you start working on a Nutanix platform

Simple Explanation of How Nutanix Works
The Nutanix Bible -

Hope it helps.
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Please note for Splunk install

RF replication Factor

Use Nutanix RF 2 and Splunk RF 1
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Thank Donnie and jjoder,

I'm reading some docs from Nutanix but about Networking and Cluster in Nutanix and Vsphere made me confuse something.
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Please post your doubts and questions regarding vsphere networking and NOS cluster
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Hi @thuhnv

Let us know where you need help, and let's work together to clear up any of your questions 🙂
thuhnv wrote:Thank Donnie and jjoder,

I'm reading some docs from Nutanix but about Networking and Cluster in Nutanix and Vsphere made me confuse something.
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Hi All,

Currently, the plan has changed to use KVM hypervisor instead ESXi. I've read the KVM document and saw that KVM hypervisor is installed to all Nutanix nodes by default. That mean I will no need to care about KVM installing on every nodes?

I have 2 Nutanix block with 4nodes per block which will be setup for DC and DR site. They're 1420 series. But still have some question need somebody help me:

1. As I know, there is no Prism Central Control VM on KVM hypervisor. So how can I create cluser for 2 Nutanix block for DC and DR site? In every block I can use Cluster Configuration web console (with default IPV6 default) to create cluster for 4 nodes. Is it right?
2. On KVM hypervisor, how can I cluster these hypervisors like cluster in Vcenter (Esxi) for HA and failover?
3. On every KVM hypervisors, I will install 1Linux VM which host splunk instanse. So that mean I will have 4 Splunk instanse that host on 4 KVM hypervisor for 1 Nutanix Block. And will do it the same for DR site I dont know is it a good situation for deployment?
4. On splunk I will create cluster for indexing and searching. I not sure about performance and if any node (hypervisor down), how about Splunk operation?

Any advise for me is appreciated. I'm new with Nutanix and KVM as well

Thanks all
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I would recommend talking with your Local Nutanix SE. He can help you out with these questions. If you dont know who it is send me a message and I will figure out who it is or I will help you myself.


tony at Nutanix dot com