Foundation fails to mount Phoenix Image

  • 3 September 2020
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I'm looking for some advice.

My company recently purchased a used 3460-G4. We're a professional services firm and we want to have it for our lab so we can stand up stuff like ERA, CALM, etc. and bang around on it. You know, lab stuff!

We have been trying to Foundation ( & the block but I am running into a problem with Foundation failing when trying to mount the Phoenix image on the nodes. Here's how things currently stand:

BIOS has been upgraded to latest recommended version on Nutanix Support site. (G4G5T6.0)
BMC firmware has been upgraded to latest recommended version on Nutanix Support site. (3.64)
Each node has x2 SSDs, which this system appears to recognize (I ran an ESXi installer on one of the nodes to test. The installers saw the drives)
Each node has 64GB of RAM. The RAM is confirmed to be compatible according to SuperMicro's site.
The Motherboard is the X10DRT-P from SuperMicro.
IPMI has been set on each node and I can log into the IPMI mgmt page.

At first I was wondering if the system was not recognizing the disks. I tested this theory by grabbing a bootable USB with ESXi 6.7 on it. While in the installation app, it does see the disks so now I'm wondering if something else is going on under the covers that I'm unaware of.

Has anyone out there bumped into this kind of issue before?




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Hello Eric,

It would be great if you could share the error message for troubleshooting further.



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The reason why Foundation fails to mount Phoenix images may vary due to some specific circumstances. It might be the problem of network config, the IPMI problem and etc.

It could be helper if you uploaded some screenshots or error messages or logs around this

I have same issue.

 BIOS: PW42.600
 BMCs: 7.09

When I try to execute Foundation, "Illeagl access due to CSRF" is output to the maintenance event log of IPMI.
I think this problem is caused by the enhanced security of BCM.


We figured out our issue. We purchased this block used for use in our lab. I pulled out the nodes today and discovered the seller had removed the sata dom from each node, which we had not noticed before. Phoenix fails to mount because it can’t find a device to install the hypervisor onto. So, we have purchased some sata doms and will try again next week!

Turns out, we needed to check layer 1 …