F5 virtual deployment on AHV

  • 12 May 2021
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I have a Nutanix AHV nodes and for the lab purpose i need to install F5 virtual appliance on this environment but i couldn’t get any guidence regarding the process of installing F5 virtual appliance on AHV.


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3 replies

There is a video showing it as easy as get the OVA, install from OVA - left out is where do I get the OVA ?  F5 has many, but none for Nutanix

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Hi, from the F5 support website:

  • BIG-IP VE supports most KVM-based hypervisor environments (for example, Nutanix AHV, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or other third-party cloud platforms not explicitly listed here) as long as:
    • You are using the BIG-IP VE standard KVM qcow2 or ova image from (v13.1 or higher)
    • You are using the virtio networking driver (Note: SR-IOV may not be supported)
    • You are using a standard BIG-IP VE license
    • You or a third-party cloud/hypervisor vendor have not modified the base image to accommodate environment or hypervisor-specific customizations
    • You are using the default i440FX machine type, when using F5’s virtio synthetic driver. The QEMU Q35 machine type is not supported.

So you should be able to download a KVM OVA (or qcow2) image from the website for this.

Thank you - downloaded the VMware….ova and it worked like a charm !
download with Prism, not Element.