error validating ipmi account with "x.x.x.x" IP. SCOM

  • 20 August 2019
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We are trying to setup SCOM Management Pack 2.4 with SCOM 2012 server. I have created LDAP (Windows Domain) account for Prism and IPMI access, i do able to validate with prism account but i could not IPMI. I am using AOS 10.5 with NX 1065 G6.

  1. I have tried to create IPMI local account and then tried to validate SCOM Management pack. It worked fine.
  2. I tried to validate with LDAP account but i am getting below error. for better administration i am trying to use LDAP.
error validating ipmi account with "x.x.x.x" IP. Continue with next CVM Address?

I have opened case with Nutanix. Just i want know whether Nutanix support to configure LDAP auth with SCOM.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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3 replies

I have the same error but no solution yet.

Colud you find any support from the opened case @ Nutanix?
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The following command can be used to debug login problems and verify IPMI connectivity from SCOM server (default location: C:\Program Files\Nutanix Inc\SCOM\ipmiutil-3.0.2-win64):
(please define IpmiIp, IpmiUsername and IpmiPassword for the three variables and execute the command)

ipmiutil.exe sensor -s -N $IpmiIp -U $IpmiUsername -P $IpmiPassword -F lan2 -V 2

The output of the command may show the following:

Opening lanplus connection to node XX.XX.XX.XX ... ERROR: user name too long. (Exceeds 16 characters)  LANPLUS error in RAKP1

It appears "ipmiutil" is failing to validate user account due to username length limitation. Username for BMC is limited to 16 characters. 
Password limitation is set to the following:
ipmitool version 1.5 is 16 characters
ipmitool version 2.0 is 20 characters.

Please make sure and verify if username / password length does not exceed the above mentioned limits.  

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Like described in the SCOM Management Pack User Guide you can directly test the login from the IPMI utility using the CLI command as shown at the end of that section:

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After Installing the Management Pack, run the following command to verify IPMI connectivity:

ipmiutil sensor -N ipmi_ip_address -U user_name -P password -F lan2 \ -V 2 

The ipmiutil utility is installed in C:\Program Files\Nutanix Inc\SCOM\ipmiutil-3.0.2-win64 by default.

===== end quote =====

You might need to validate that LDAP is set correctly in the IPMI as well. 
To do this open the IPMI Web Interface (browse to the IPMI IP address and login as ADMIN) and then click on the configuration drop-down menu and select LDAP. Check the configuration there to see if it’s all correct, and try the test login with the user you want to use.

Validating from the ipmiutil module installed on your SCOM server is the most directly relevant test and should cover any related concerns like a firewall or similar.