error validating ipmi account with "x.x.x.x" IP. SCOM

  • 20 August 2019
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We are trying to setup SCOM Management Pack 2.4 with SCOM 2012 server. I have created LDAP (Windows Domain) account for Prism and IPMI access, i do able to validate with prism account but i could not IPMI. I am using AOS 10.5 with NX 1065 G6.

  1. I have tried to create IPMI local account and then tried to validate SCOM Management pack. It worked fine.
  2. I tried to validate with LDAP account but i am getting below error. for better administration i am trying to use LDAP.
error validating ipmi account with "x.x.x.x" IP. Continue with next CVM Address?

I have opened case with Nutanix. Just i want know whether Nutanix support to configure LDAP auth with SCOM.

Any help will be much appreciated.

1 reply

I have the same error but no solution yet.

Colud you find any support from the opened case @ Nutanix?