CVM Network and production network

  • 28 March 2015
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Hi Everybody,

I'm new to Nutanix, I'm having my first node installed on Monday so ery excited ! I have the chance to dedicate a Nutanix host for a Lab and will have the time to play around with it.

I've seen that is a dedicated subnet for the CVM, but this is also the subnet in which my Lab resides. Is it ok to use the CVM and the production VM in the same subnet ? What are the options ? I've been told the CVM network cannot be changed. But is it ok to have the VMs and the IPMI in the same LAN ?

For a production environment I can understand that security wise and performance wise, this is mandatory to split the subnets but in my case this is a bit different.




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Hi @flhoest

Thanks for joining the community, and we are excited for you as well.

@dlink7 @DonnieBrasco are you able to provide any insights

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CVM has got 2 ethernet networks. One is public network and another is private network ( which shouldn't be changed.

You can run your VM's and IPMI in the same IP range as your CVM's internal ethernet interface is running but it is recommended to use differemt network (different than internal IP range) for CVM public interface and also CVM public interface IP network should be the same as your Host's management network IP is.

Hope it helps !
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Thanks a lot guys,

We will have a look at this more closely and I'll revert with our findings and share them with the community !


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Hi All,

So, I'm now all set and it works great BUT. We had to tweak a little bit. Ho btw, I forgot to mention that we are using KVM as hypervisor so ... there's some differences between vmware and KVM ...

So for KVM we have the node in subnet, same for IPM and CVM. My VM network is in the take specific care of the following IPs which are excluded from the DHCP scope :, .2 and .254 wich are reserved to Nutanix special network.

At this time, I can confirm that Acropolis is configured and operational. Now, I'm in the heavy test phase.

Good night.