CVM can't ping other hosts in the cluster

  • 21 April 2022
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I have a 3 node cluster with ESXI 6.7 and AOS 5.15.2. I’m unable to run any LCM tasks as the inventory fails to get the ESXI scratch space on the hosts. After troubleshooting SSH issues, I discovered I’m not able to even ping the other hosts in the cluster, via IP or hostname. 

I can ping the other CVMs with no issues, just not the hosts. However I’m able to ping each CVM and other hosts with no issue from the host itself, so the issue only exists when the CVM is the source and the other ESXI hosts in the cluster are the destination.

I’ve restarted the hosts and CVMs and ensures the hosts are patched and updated. The hosts are all on the same subnet and no firewall exists between them. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

4 replies

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Hi @Kyle_W 

Are the subnet masks the same on all the CVMs and hosts? If they are all on the same VLAN and no firewalls or ACLs to stop traffic then sounds like you have a layer 2 or 3 issue. I would start by checking the connectivity of each device, IP addresses and subnet masks.

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Might be issue with network configuration

As we are running VMs under our AHV VM, we need to enable the following on our ESXi vSwitch portgroup:

  • MAC Address Changes
  • Forged Transmits

For some funny reason, it only worked on mine after I also enabled Promiscuous mode (in addition to the required ones above)!
(But asking the esx gurus, they said it’s normal)

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if the only ping is not working please check the port ICMP on the firewall may be ping is blocked , 

recommanded way is to keep all host and cvm in the same subnet so there will be no firewall in the middle .