changing cluster RF from RF2 to RF3

  • 1 September 2016
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we have installed a 4 node Nutanix cluster. In the installation process you have to select the cluster redundancy factor, RF2 or RF3. We tried to select RF3 but the system says that you need at least 5 nodes. So we were forced to create the cluster with RF2. In the future we plan to extend the cluster with additional nodes, may be only storage nodes. Will it be possible to upgrade from RF2 to RF3 without having to delete the existing cluster and create a new one?


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3 replies

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For RF3, we need 5 nodes as we store 5 copies of metadata. Storage only nodes can take part in the metadata ring so you can upgrade cluster from RF2 to RF3.

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Yup! Once you have 5 nodes you can hitlessly upgrade from RF2 to RF3:

That has the command to change the cluster level from RF2 to RF3, once that's complete you can set your containers to RF3 as well.
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Thanks all for the fast response.
The more I know the more I Like the Nutanix software....