CE-2020.09.16 Kernel Version

  • 8 August 2022
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I have figured out that the version of the kernel is 4.19.100.  I have also figured out that this version is not working with my NUC11 and the i225-V NIC.  I would like to replace that kernel with the 5.15 kernel as the 5.15 kernel works with the i225-V NIC.  Does anyone have a procedure on how to replace the kernel in the ISO?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




3 replies

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There is no procedure on how to do this. I was looking into compiling the drivers but that wasnt working either. Lets hope the new community edition will be based on a newer kernel.


I'm currently running AHV 20191030.415 and AOS 2020.09.16.


What I did was installing the older version and only upgrade AOS to the latest community edition and leave AHV on the older version. 


Thanks for the reply.  Curious to know what version of Intel NUC you are running?  Are you running one with the i225-v NIC?

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Yes. 3 times a NUC10i7FNH which have the i225-v nic.