Adding 1165-G7 node to a 1365-G6 Block

  • 27 September 2021
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Technical Question on upgrade :
Customer has existing 1365-G6 cluster nodes. We are offering him an additional 1N upgrade of 1165-G7 or 1165-G8. I wanted to confirm :
1. If we can add this 1 Node of G7 / G8 into the G6 Slot ?( please provide relevant KB article).
2. If the above isn't possible, then can G6 nodes still be ordered as upgrade?
3. If we order an upgrade of 1N 1165-G7 or G8 will you be provding the Block chassis with just the 1 Node and any special instructions to be mentioned.



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Hi Revlon, G7 or G8 node cannot be added to the slot of G6 Chassis. Please provide AOS and AHV version to run compatibility check.

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Hi @Revlon_Dsouza 

As @Bala Murali Krishna  wrote you cannot mix different gen nodes on the same chasis but you can add them on a new block.

You can check the restrictions on the following KB:

  • You can mix nodes that use different CPU families in the same cluster, but not in the same block. For example, a cluster can contain nodes from any NX generation, but a G7 block must contain only G7 nodes, a G8 block must contain only G8 nodes, and so on.
  • Nutanix does not support mixing Nutanix NX nodes in the same cluster with nodes from any other hardware vendor. However, you can manage separate clusters using the Prism web console regardless of the hardware type.
  • Nutanix does not support mixing nodes with RDMA enabled and nodes without RDMA enabled in the same cluster.


Sadly G6 nodes cannot be ordered , last ship date was February 28th 2020. You can download the bulletin on the link below

It’s possible to order a block with only a single node but if the End of Sales of that Gen is reached you will end with a box with one node and three empty slots, bear that in mind.

P.S. I’m not a Nutanix Employee this this is only related to my humble experience

Hope this helps