3 node cluster design for 6000 series nodes

  • 18 September 2015
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I'm putting together a design for a 3 node cluster with the 6000 series nodes. The first block is 6235-G4, the second block, I'm a bit confused. I could get another identicle block with 1 node ( 6135-G4), but there is also the option of getting a 6135C, which is single socket, less RAM, smaller SSD and crappier CPU.

It's cheaper and will make the min 3 node cluster, but I'm wondering what kind of performance hit it will have for the overall solution. Am I better off getting a 6135-G4 and being done with it?

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3 replies

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A 6135C is designed as a storage-only node for colder data - it's designed to run KVM exclusively and not be a member of your hypervisor cluster (no running of guest VM's). Unless you have the need for cold tiered data, you would be better served with the 6135-G4 as your third node.
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I understand the use case for the 6135C now. It adds storage to the cluster, but not compute. It actually works for this use case as the client doesn't need extra compute. Thanks.
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I believe the minumum number of 6035-C nodes per cluster is 2.