110, 220. Whatever it takes?

  • 15 October 2014
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I was looking for confirmation about a statement that I recently heard that the best practice for the power supply voltage for a block was 220 volts. And that if 110 volts was used, it was less likely that one power supply could handle the load if one power supply failed. Thank you.

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Great question and the supported voltage depends on model.

See here for the spec sheet:

If the model lists 100-240v as acceptable then that means that particular block supports 110v. However, if it lists 180-240v then you will need 208v in order for the block to be supported in a fully redundant manner, meaning that a single PS in the block can support all of the components running within it.

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as a side note the 3050 series can be full redudant on 110 if you only have 3 nodes in the block.
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When we moved into our new cabinets, we went with 208, because we new we were going to be expanding our cluster. I would highly suggest going down the route of running 208 if you plan on moving beyond 3 nodes, as dlink said.