Time to reclaim space after deleting VMs in Nutanix cluster?

  • 11 January 2024
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Hi Teeam,

can any one help me as soon as possible.

I have a four node Nutanix cluster in my environment and there is space issue (not enough free space)

in the nutanix cluster for that i did some exercise given below,

1.some of the vms migrated to the another cluster successfully and there is no issuue with that.

  1.  so after migrating vms to another cluster and i have deleted the vms in the affected nutanix cluster …. ok
  2. still i am unable to see the free space in my cluster

Here my question is ..

  1. How much time it will take to reclaim the space/seen free space after deleting the vms in nutanix cluster
  2. Recycle Bin has been enabled by default in in the cluster and it stores some data so what about Recycle bin means need to disable after deleting the vms or what about it function to reclaim the space in the nutanix cluster.

Please explain any one ASAP.






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9 replies

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Hi Ashok, 

In prism element purge the recycle bin (Home Dashboard → Storage Summary → View Details → Purge Recycle Bin. 

Then you also have so wait some curator scan. They will run every hour (partial) and every 6 hours (full). 

So when you deleted the recycle bin. Just stop working, watch some movie ;) or go to sleep. The next morning the space will be freed. (Depending how much data you have removed though). 


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Hi Jeroen,

thanks for quick reply,

if we delete the recycle bin in the cluster is there any imapact for the cluster/production…?

if we delete the recycle bin what about the other vms in the cluster that means i have some more impartant vms are there in my cluster.


Please reply ASAP.

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No impact. only the deleted virtual machines will be deleted. Or did you deleted the important vm’s as well? 

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No i did not delete important  vms.

there is no impact for non deleted vms right..?


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Correct. Just purge the recycle bin and wait.


Just a side note: The deleted virtual machines will be deleted after 24 hours anyway ;)

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Ok Thanks for your valuble support.


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Hi Jeroen,


We did as you said but did not see any progress on it

is there any alternative way to reclaim the storage…?


Please reploy As soon as possible.

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Just wait for monday.

It can take a couple of curator scans before space is freed. Just be patience. 

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Hello @Ashok K 

There are 2 main reasons for delay in reclaiming space:

  1.  The service responsible for cleaning up space, Curator, takes time to perform scans on the cluster and spreads the storage across the disks and carefully removes the correct files (egroups) while maintaining redundancy for any data you want to keep.
    It takes a few Curator scans before all expected free space is available again. To remove more data, it will take longer time for Curator to clean up data relative to the existing workload of the cluster.

Note: It is always recommended to keep your cluster version up-to-date, as there are significant improvements to Curator and its scan efficiency on the latest releases for faster clean up operations. 

  1. AOS version 5.18 and above have Recycle Bin feature enabled on the cluster by default.
    When the Recycle Bin is enabled, AOS creates a Recycle Bin associated with the storage container configured in your cluster. If you then delete a storage entity (like a guest VM or volume group vDisk), the Recycle Bin retains vDisk and configuration data files for up to 24 hours.
    For more information on Recycle Bin, see the corresponding chapter in the Prism Web Console Guide.

In case after 36 hours, space is not reclaimed and does not appear as free space, consider engaging Nutanix Support at for assistance with diagnosing the cluster health.


Ref: Why does my Nutanix cluster not show free or reclaimed space after deleting many VMs or files?