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  • 24 July 2021
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I have 2 questions about Storage:

  1. Can someone please explain the Deduplication option when setting up storage containers. Is this necessary or recommended?
  2. What is the purpose of a Volume Group? Currently we use the whole default storage container for creating disks and dividing out storage to servers. Recently some users have wanted to reserve a few TB for video use and storage. I created a new “video” storage container tapping into the default container for the space. So when I attach the disks to the servers, I pull from this specific container. Would creating and using a Volume Group be better? I don’t understand the purpose of it.




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Hi Brent,


1- The Deduplication it’s set on container level so you can have multiple containers with different storage saving techniques. like a container with Dedup or Compersion or Dedup and Compersion. 
when to use Dedup it depends on data type, Dedup is best for Fileshare or VDI types of data. Where on the other hand compersion is best for Database which is not already compressed from the application level.

2- The container is Datastore for VMs Disk while Volumes a vDisk mapped directly to VMs (LUN). volume Groups use case as follow if you don't have it you can ignore

   a- Physical server that requires a LUN or a disk from nutanix storage pool

   b- Virtual cluster that requires  shared disk-like Microsoft SQL failover cluster or Oracle RAC