SNMP Alerts Message Format

  • 17 June 2020
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Recently my customer is configuring snmp monitoring in their infrastructure to monitor their nutanix clusters. As their Administrators are trying to capture keywords from the snmp traps, they found that the snmp trap messages and the alerts messages found in the web console guide are different. Is there a document which can help to indicate what are the exact snmp trap messages /format for the different alerts sent?

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3 replies

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You can refer below documents

KB-1333 Configuring and Troubleshooting SNMP monitoring for commands and examples.

The article also reference two more KB articles as well as SNMP related PowerShell commands:

KB-2448 How to import MIB in zenoss

KB-2028 Integrating Nutanix with Solarwinds


Thanks @Tapati 

I have the documents as per recommended. Just like to check, the alert messages that is captured on the Prism will be the same as the SNMP trap messages?

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Hello @LeonardThng 

SNMP trap messages may not be exactly the same as the alert messages that are captured on the Prism

SNMP trap messages will be based on the format in the MIB file

Also SNMP is not for alerts, its for Monitoring the stats or status