Network visualization and network switch information

  • 27 April 2020
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Network visualization

Is one of those underrated but extremely useful features. Network visualization is a consolidated graphical representation of the network formed by the VMs and hosts in a Nutanix cluster and first-hop switches. Nutanix network visualization allows you to group VMs by power state or by parent hosts, group hosts by parent clusters or select a particular node from the cluster. Choose your layout based on the current needs.



In Nutanix network visualization, every entity is interactive. For example, when you click on a VM you can see detailed information about its vNICs such as MAC address, IP address, VLAN ID, live statistics.



Similarly, switch port will show information about MAC address, MTU size, live statistics.




To enable Network visualization a set of requirements must be met:

  • Configure SNMP v3 or SNMP v2c on TOR switches

  • Enable LLDP or CDP on the first-hop switches.

  • Network connectivity over SNMP port between CVMs and switch management IP address

Supported switches:

  • Cisco Catalyst Series switches
  • Dell switches

  • Arista switches

  • Lenovo switches

  • Cisco Nexus Series switches

How to configure network visualization

Add a new switch in Prism. Click on Gear –> Network Switch. Provide all the information needed. Save configuration.

The minimum information you must provide is as follows:

  • Switch management IP address

  • Host IP addresses

  • SNMP version

  • SNMP community string



Switch information on Nutanix AHV


Managing and troubleshooting virtual guests network connectivity issues is quite difficult, if you do not have right information about upstream switches. It is crucial to understand how Nutanix hosts are connected, hosting switch name, location, switch port number. Nutanix AHV leverages OVS (Open VSwitch) to manage AHV hosts and Guest OS network connectivity. OVS can use LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) to pull information from physical switches. LLDP is automatically enabled on Nutanix AHV. To have LLDP discovery working you have to enable it on the network port switches as well. Nutanix AHV will automatically pull switch information and present it in the Prism.

In Prism Element, on main dashboard click on Home –> Network



Click on the Host, from the new window click on network adapter (active NIC) and from the right side of the applet you can see network port information.




In addition, Nutanix provides some port statistics like:

  • receiving rate

  • sending rate

  • dropped send packets

  • dropped received packets





For more information visit:


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4 replies

Hello Antonio,

Thanks for this reference and valuable information, your post is 2 months ago and I just want to know if there’s any plans for integration with Juniper QFX switches.

At the moment that is my platform in which my NUtanix host is connected and I can’t get SNMP information.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi David, I found this comment on the forum. Not sure if it is helpful but sharing it just in case.

I can see that the internal request for the feature is still open. I have added a reference to your request but the ticket is still in early stages, unfortunately.


Hi David, I found this comment on the forum. Not sure if it is helpful but sharing it just in case.

I can see that the internal request for the feature is still open. I have added a reference to your request but the ticket is still in early stages, unfortunately.

Hello @Alona ,

Thanks for your quick response and also for the reference provided. I did the adjustments to the LLDP on my Juniper Switches, in fact from the Juniper Switches to the Nutanix box I can see the details of the Host (Hostname, interfaces, etc), however, the Nutanix doesn’t seems to retrieve any information from the Switches.

Thanks a millions for adding the reference to my request, hopefully this will be available in coming versions. I don’t think I’m the only one using Juniper as ToR Switches for this Nutanix Hosts. :laughing:

Kind Regards,

Has there been any update to the integration of Juniper QFX switches?