Is Foundation 5.5 compatibility with NX-1450?

  • 22 January 2024
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I do a AHV convert from VMWare to AHV recently on my 4-node Nutanix NX-1450. Unfortunately only 2 nodes are successfully converted, one node remained failed and retain as ESXi and the other node failed to download the bundle binary.


I wanted to reprovision from scratch using Foundation (Bear Metal Deployment) Tools. I have the Foundation 5.5 however, when provision it cannoy connect to IPMI (Error attached)

so I an suspecting it is not compatible. Any body can help on this. If you have the earlier version of Foundation Tools maybe can help me?



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5 replies

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I've seen issues with old hardware and the portable foundation before. What you can try is the linux foundation vm. That had worked for me. (no guarantee 😉)

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What is the version of AHV and AOS you are going to use?

I only have the VirtualBox version of Foundation 5.5. I do not have the Linux Foundation. How or rather where will I be able to obtain copy of that? 

My AOS installer version is 6.5. Will this work?



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Ahh yes that is the linux version (sorry for my wrong “naming”). 

I dont know if 6.5 is working on that specific hardware as that hardware type is not on the compatibility list anymore :(. 

Thanks Jeroen, Because my Foundation is version 5.5 so I believe this is too new and cannot support older hardware. Also because this hardware is no long in the supported list so I would like to know if I load the Community Edition will it be any different?