intermixing 3 node All Flash NX-3360-G5 & 4 node Hybrid NX-1465-G5

  • 11 February 2019
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Is it possible to mix,

3 node All Flash NX-3360-G5 &

4 node Hybrid NX-1465-G5

and form a AHV cluster ?

NX-3360-G5 is 2*10 core CPU, 12*32GB Memory, 18*1.9TB SSD whereas
NX-1465-G5 is 2*10 core CPU, 8*32GB Memory, 1*960GB SSD, 2*4TB HDD

how storage tearing will work in this scenario ?

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4 replies

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Yes, that is possible, you can find the the product mixing restrictions on the following documentation:

All-SSD nodes and hybrid SSD/HDD nodes can be mixed in the same cluster if the following conditions are met:
  • A minimum of two all-SSD nodes are required in mixed all-flash/hybrid clusters.
  • The minimum number of each node type (all-SSD/hybrid) must be equal to the cluster redundancy factor. For example, clusters with a redundancy factor of 2 must have a minimum of 2 hybrid and 2 all-SSD nodes.
  • You can run guest VMs on the all-SSD nodes in clusters that also have hybrid nodes, as long as the cluster includes two or more all-SSD nodes.
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Hey Thanks Richardson.

I would also like to know, what will be my total usable storage capacity considering hardware specs of both blocks.

I am getting attached results while referring DesignBrewz with Storage Efficiency as 2:1 and Failover Plan as Standard (N+1) but confused with data residing on SSDs and HDDs.

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Total usable capacity (tolerating 1 node failure) will be 62.27TB, where you will have 30.92TB of SSD, 10.59TB of HDD and 20.76TB of savings due to data reduction.
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Thanks Richardson.

I wonder how hot and cold tiers would work in this case. As we have one AF block and one Hybrid block. How data will reside.