Nutanix Files not recovering free space

  • 6 August 2019
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I have deleted several shares on the Nutanix File Server we have running in VMware and the free space does not seem to be recovering even after a week. Is there a command i can run in ACLI or NCLI to force the clean up to take place? Or is there a better way to remove the shares other the through the Prism UI?

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Because Nutanix Files is using Nutanix Volumes for storage provisioning, I guess that this should apply:

Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning provides efficient storage space utilization by allowing the system to present storage devices without allocating space until data is written. Nutanix storage pools and containers are thin provisioned by default as a core feature of the DSF. Disks created in VGs are thin provisioned. Over time, as the system writes data, it allocates storage within the disks. When data is deleted from a disk, the DSF reclaims the space consumed by the deleted file in the background.

So it may be worth opening a case by Nutanix.
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That is correct, Files uses Nutanix core DSF framework since data of Files is stored on AOS. The service is called Curator which takes care of this. I would highly recommend to read
However, if the space reclaim seems like a problem and is not happening, please reach out to support to investigate.
Ideally space reclaim should start to happen in the span of 8 hours.
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Will have to open a ticket as they have been removed for a few weeks now and the space has yet to be reclaimed.