Files containers -> RF3, Usage drops by 20%

  • 17 February 2021
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In the course of changing the containers to RF3, I noticed that unlike the containers with VMs, the Usage metric on Files containers drops by 20% after the change. I.e. normally (a VM container), right after the change the Usage drops by 30% and then gradually returns to the original value. But with Files containers, after the same 30% drop, it returns to a value of 20% less than the original. That was consistent for two Files containers, very different in size and type of stored data. Could anyone please help with an explaination? Thank you.

2 replies

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Hi VictorKiwi,

Nutanix Files reports 'Space Used' on the File Server tab in Prism and in the output of the command 'ncli fs ls', executed from any of the working CVMs Can you please check through the command to see if you are seeing the intended space? This value is representative of the space usage from a Nutanix Files File system perspective and would not be expected to correlate directly with the container usage in Prism or the output of 'ncli ctr ls', which is representative of the space used from an AOS perspective.


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Hi Raaji,

Thank you for your reply.

My question is specifically about the metric of the container Usage from AOS perspective, the one seen at PRISM → Storage → Table → Storage Container → <container> → Storage Container Usage graph, or Storage Container Details → Used.