Citrix Profiles management on Nutanix Files

  • 15 May 2019
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Hi all,

Just checking does anyone had implement Citrix VDI using Citrix Profiles management store on Nutanix files yet? Any issue should we concern please share.

Thank you.

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3 replies

Hello @kovitking

In our company, we use Nutanix Files for Citrix profiles, but with a software called ProfileUnity from Liquidware. We are still running Files 2.x, because of some constraints with the AOS version. But so far, so good, the performance is good. I'm not sure if this is linked to ProfileUnity or NTX Files, but sometimes, we have to release the lock manually for the disk profile (disk profile is stored in a VHD disk) when a user logoff, because the file stays lock for some time, and he would need to wait too long before being able to logon again.
I'm starting a project this week Citrix + Nutanix, i will implement the user profiles with AFS.
Check if the following articles helps:
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Most of the queries are answered in above responses. However, I want to highlight two points based on my experience :-

Microsoft User Profile Disks is a feature to store user and application data on a single virtual disk that is dedicated to one user’s profile:
Nutanix Files does not support UPD as of now, due to limitation with it's SMB implementation.

Reset User Profile from Citrix Director on a Distributed Share :- You might be unable to reset User Profile from Citrix Director with "Error 0x5, Access is denied.. Aborting..". By default Nutanix Files do not allow delete/rename of top level directories (TLD) for non-admin users. Reach out to Support if you need help.