See HYCU at Nutanix .NEXT Copenhagen

  • 16 September 2019
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See HYCU at Nutanix .NEXT Copenhagen
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This post was authored by our friends at HYCU

It is amazing how fast the last year has gone by. Looks like we just were at London for .Next, but it’s now time for .Next in Copenhagen. All of us at HYCU are thrilled to see the amount of amazing innovation we have been able to deliver as part of our tightly-aligned partnership with Nutanix, and the strides we have been able to make in the multi-cloud journey.

While we started with AHV in June 2017, we introduced ESX on Nutanix support at .Next in Nice. Since that time, we have added support for Nutanix Files, Nutanix CALM, non-Nutanix VMware, Nutanix Objects, Physical Servers, and P2V to just name a few. Since our journey began with AHV, many customers remember us as the best AHV backup solution. However, we have evolved into a full-fledged Enterprise Backup solution for Nutanix-led datacenters. The customers who continue to choose HYCU, have seen the simplicity with intelligence that we deliver, and fully experience the power of HYCU for their datacenter. We are truly delighted and honored.

In the past year alone, our partnership with Nutanix has matured further. Simple proof of that is Nutanix Mine with HYCU, the tremendous success we have had in the Nutanix customer base and the number of times Nutanix Sales recommends HYCU when their customers asks about backup and recovery. The seed for Nutanix Mine with HYCU took place for us when we first introduced HYCU. Customers started asking us if they can use Nutanix as the backup target. From a technology perspective, it made perfect sense, but we were not sure why customers were asking for it and would it make economic sense. When we started digging into it, there was an “A-Ha” moment.

Customers were eager to simplify their ongoing operational management. They were looking to eliminate silos and the backup infrastructure was a clear target. Additionally, when we started to crunch the numbers, with the innovation that was happening in the industry, it was a no brainer. We’re thrilled Nutanix also felt the same way. We now have Nutanix Mine with HYCU being deployed as we speak, and customers are thrilled about it!

Today when we meet a customer, we’re not only surprised when they say they are on a cloud journey, but now the majority of them are saying they are on a multi-cloud journey. For that, we had to go where our customers are going. Earlier this year, we introduced the first purpose-built Backup as a Service for Google Cloud! As you can imagine, you will see more purpose-built solutions shortly. Our goal is also to follow the Nutanix customer journey.

Customers can leverage HYCU whether they run Nutanix on-prem on Nutanix infrastructure, OEM infrastructure or in the public cloud. We were the first solution to validate HYCU working on Nutanix Xi Clusters running on AWS! And for us, there can be no greater customer validation then to know that Nutanix’s own IT department chose HYCU to support their on-going use of Nutanix innovation!

Please make a point of visiting our booth in the Platinum Pavilion in Copenhagen! We’ll also be hosting a session and sharing more about the innovation that we are delivering. Similar to how Nutanix is on a journey to make Infrastructure Invisible, our goal is to make Data Protection Invisible!

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