Nutanix Hardware Specs

  • 17 September 2021
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Hi Nutanix,

Some Nutanix Nodes are installed at customer end and they don’t have Specification. I tried get on google but no luck. Could you please help me? 


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5 replies

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Hello @Aiyaz 

The first piece of information we need here would be the model of the NX nodes. 

If the nodes are fully installed, most of the information should be available from Prism. Please search for the system specifications in the portal. The search bar should navigate you to specifications when you type “NX xxxx Gx specifications”. Please open a support ticket if needed. 


Thank you for your info :)


Nutanix nodes are here. Please share spec details also confirm

how many 10Gig NIC cards are installed with this?

How many 10Gig NIC ports are available ?

Can we upgrade two 10gig NIC card with these nodes? 

Where find NIC ports details in Prism?

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Hi @Aiyaz 

Please see the screen shots below.  Once you click on hardware from the drop down menu on Prism → Click table across the top → Select a node and along the bottom on the left hand side are all the specs of that node and if you select NICs on the table to the left you can see the NIC configuration/speed/connectivity.  Hope this helps.



Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. Here I have doubt…..

Q1. how do I know, how many physical NICs are installed on serverboard?

Q2. Is there any option available to get physical NIC details?


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Hi @Aiyaz Great questions and yes.  You can get that detailed information via the LCM.  You can find it here:


If you have never run the Inventory before the first run might take awhile as it gathers all the information.  

Hope this answers your questions.  Let me know.