Moving PC from ESX to AHV

  • 4 June 2024
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I posted last year about moving PC from a non-nutanix cluster running ESX to a nutanix cluster running ESX but we didn’t do the work at the time.  Now the goalposts have moved a little, or will be and I think things will be a little bit more complicated!

So to recap;

currently PC (pc.2022.6.0.9) runs on a non-nutanix cluster ESX 7.x

we have 2 nutanix clusters running ESX 7.x

we will be purchasing a new cluster which we intend to run AHV on

we will then migrate all the VM’s from the two nutanix esx clusters to the new AHV cluster

we will possibly also be migrating our native Azure VM’s to Nutanix NC2 in Azure. 


We want to move our current PC to the new AHV cluster once its purchased. So the question is how? I was thinking of using MOVE. AIso note we AREN'T running microservices on our PC 


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Im not a migration expert, but this article will answer most of your questions,

also, use the support to prepare your migration plan, path, etc.

The best tool for that is MOVE, yes, but please plan, plan, plan… and then, plan, check and execute.