migrating Windows VM from ESXi to AHV

  • 14 December 2017
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Hello everyone
What is important to be aware of migrating Windows VM from ESXi to AHV?Is the version of AOS important?
Anything else?

Please help me.

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Hi, Tas
The most important thing is to have Nutanix VirtIO drivers installed in the VM before you migrate the VM to AHV. Other than that make sure everything is properly configured mostly network side on AHV to avoid any issues. I would recommend to try migrating a non-critical or a test VM to have idea and time estimate before u start with production VM migration.

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Are you talking about portibility of a VM from ESXi to AHV or migrating your cluster entirely from ESXi to AHV?
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Hi, jjdurrant

Yes, I will migrate entirely from Esxi to AHV.Windows VM is on both ESXi on non-NUTANIX cluster and ESXi on NUTANIX cluster.

I have no experience of migration and I do not know what to watch out for.
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Hi, farhanparkar

I was surprised, the Nutanix VirtIO driver is important.I have to read more documents.

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Hi Tas,
I believe you are migrating VMs from Nutanix and non-Nutanix ESXi cluster, the process is much simpler once understood properly.
The best starting point is Migration guide in Documentation on Support Portal.

You will also see few community blogs like the ultimate Migration guide at

NOTE: (VirtIO is driver package which will make guest OS understand the underlying platform for better performance (AHV turbo) or compatibility and few advanced features just like VMWare Tools)

Hope that works for you.

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Hi tas20

Please also see this document which covers your migration options when moving from ESXi to AHV:

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Hi everyone

I'm sorry for the late reply.
It is likely to solve by advice.

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I think the best way is use Xtract (esxi--> ahv). It works with Windows 2008 and later. If you need to migrate windows 2000 and 2003 is a bit more complex, but its also possible.