How to properly deal with UEFI and Windows Server 2022 ?

  • 15 March 2023
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As Microsoft advise / Windows Server 2022 isn’t Legacy BIOS compatible anymore, i have to set up a brand new template using UEFI.

However, if i tick “EFI” and Secure Boot from VM configuration or not, I can’t boot on my ISO at all. It still go to EFI Shell or in the UEFI Menu.

I also tried to update VirtIO drivers directly into my Windows image (on install.wim and boot.wim on all indexes) but i can’t go so far in the installation part.


Does anyone was able to use EFI settings with Windows Server 2022 ? If yes, what was your settings  ?



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4 replies

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Is it in a boot loop? Boot from iso → reset → boot from iso → reset etc etc

Workaround for me is to add cpu_passthrough=true via cli to the vm. 

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Actually i found out that i have to add VirtIO drivers to Windows Server 2022 iso (to every index of boot.wim and install.wim). By doing that, everything went well and i can boot on the image easily without error.

how did you do that?

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@Rubén Bernardo Calvillo Marín here’s the step

  1. download an official ISO from Microsoft (in my case Windows Server 2022)
  2. download Nutanix VirtIO drivers from Support Portal

Follow the steps in that article and don’t forget to add drivers in every indexes of boot.wim and install.wim


Once you’re done , you can upload the new ISO on Prism Central and properly boot on, with UEFI settings enabled :)