Guest Windows 2003 NIC malfunction after moving it to AHV

  • 11 January 2023
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We have migrated a few Windows 2003 server VMs running on Nx / ESX to a new AHV cluster but in one of them after 3-4 hours the principal guest VM NIC stops responding and the VM has to be rebooted. We have tried deleting and adding the NIC manually with the same result so we had to roll back and boot that specific VM on the old Nutanix / ESX cluster.


We plan to upgrade Fedora drivers to latest instead of stable and maybe change some network registry settings according to W2k3 best practices.


Has anyone experienced this before? Any advice will be welcome.


Best answer by Moustafa Hindawi 11 January 2023, 19:33

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Hello @Jlperezdlp 

There's no AHV drivers supports win 2003, like disk and nic drivers.

My suggestion is to have stable machine is to upgrade your 2003 to 2016 or fresh install windows VM on AHV and migrate your APP and data.

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Thanks Moustafa,

I know Windows 2003 is not supported on AHV (nor even MS supports it since long ago) but we were able to migrate other VMs following


Now… Upgrading to Windows 2016 is not an option because the app won´t work but a fresh install may be the best way to go.