Error creating VM

  • 14 April 2021
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Hi - I’m having an issue with a new installation of Nutanix on AHV (single node cluster) that I’m hoping someone hear can help with.

Basically, using Prism, when I attempt to create a new VM the process fails with the error “VM with ID ‘*********’ was not found”. However, if I attempt to add a VM without a new disk, it successfully creates the VM but I can’t add a disk to it, error “Operation Failed: InternalException”.

I’ve been able to upload my ISOs for installation etc. and of course the CVM is seemingly working fine. 

Any ideas what could be wrong?


Many thanks.

2 replies

Is there any updates about this ? I have the same error when I try to create a VM without any disks, It’ll create ASAP. But if I try to edit it or create it from scratch with a disk attached to it it’ll give me the same error :/

Please if you have any feedback return it to me :)
Thank you !


Try to troubleshoot the issue using commands in this thread. and this topic.