Does nutanix virt-who require satellite?

  • 11 August 2020
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Hello.  I’m a long time vmware guy, but due to a merger our esx cluster is getting migrated to a nutanix AHV cluster before long.  I currently run rhel 7 and 8, with virt-who registering directly with RedHat.  I patch our few dozen nodes generally with scripts or manually just depending.  In researching RHEL on Nutanix, it looks like their provided virt-who only mentions satellite server.  Our company although large, has classically been too cheap to purchase it.  Can you use the nutanix virt-who without satellite?

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RHEL has multiple subscription options, including per-VM subscriptions, and VDC bulk subscriptions, validated via Red Hat Satellite Server.

virt-who supports both use cases (with or without Satellite)

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