X-ray Overview

  • 8 July 2021
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X-Ray is an automated testing framework and benchmarking application for enterprise-grade data centers. The X-ray application is a downloadable virtual machine (VM) with a user interface and complete documentation. Once installed, X-ray can test and analyze several different systems and report comparable information for your use.


X-ray provides test scenarios for hype converged platforms that demonstrate variations in areas such as performance, data integrity and availability.



X-Ray is a tool for test environments and not intended for production environments.

X-ray runs one test scenario per target at a time.

Do not install the X-Ray VM on a cluster that you are using as an X-Ray test target, or a cluster that you are planning to use as an X-Ray test target.


X-ray test scenarios:

  • Availability:

    • X-ray tests how a hype converged solution tolerates a node failure during a workload. X-Ray can measure how the failure of one node affects the availability of the whole system.

  • Performance:

    • X-ray tests how the system handles mixed workloads. The solution can include any of the following:

    • Running databases on a single node

    • Simultaneously running VDI workloads on multiple nodes

    • Mixing VM snapshot, VDI boot storms, VM provisioning and multiple workloads or stability over an extended period.

  • Data Integrity:

    • Data integrity is key for any storage device or file system by avoiding loss or corruption. This application tests data safely by simulating power outages or component failures.

  • Feature Set:

    • To take full advantage of available X-Ray tests, your system should include:

    • Clones for VM provisioning

    • Deduplication

    • Compression

    • VAAI support

    • Native VM-level replication

    • 1-click software and hypervisor upgrades

    • Compatibility with multiple hypervisors

    • Ability to migrate and convert between hypervisors with the same solution


For more information, please refer to X-Ray Overview

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