Nutanix X-Ray VM High Availability Test timeout

  • 20 March 2022
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I used X-Ray 4.1.3 to do a test of VM High Availability in a cluste which includes 6 Lenovo HX nodes installed ESXi 7.0 U2, I tested several times and all are failed. The test failed in the phase of after poweroff the Host and reestablish the workload in 120 seconds. All are time out in 120 secs. 

I checked the VM which has already HA to another host, and the VM is already restated and the IP already obtained. 

So this is the timeout issue. seems if the timeout  value is larger, the test will be successfully. but I cannot find the place to adjust the 120 secs value.

My question  is “ Is there any way to adjust the 120 sec value for the VM high Availability test”? 


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Sorry about the issues with the test. Can you grab the logs and email them to please? Make sure you login as an admin so you can send us admin logs. You can find the instructions on how to login as an admin in the Product Guide.