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  • 28 February 2018
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We are here to help

If you are new to the community and have any questions, just ask. The moderators and other participants are always happy to help.

Be a valued member of your community

We focus on being helpful to one another and discuss information that is beneficial to other members of the community. Provide insight that warrants good feedback. Before posting, consider whether the material is both appropriate and relevant. Moreover, avoid posting the same question in multiple discussions. Try to identify the best place for your question and post it there. If in doubt, ask. Multiple postings create confusion among fellow members and to the community moderators, who remove them. Additionally, they are difficult for you, the poster, to track.

Don’t do anything your mom would disapprove of

Just as in a live community, you want to build a personal yet professional reputation. Everyone wants a positive experience in the community; please be gracious to your fellow members. Nutanix, reserves the right to remove any members or messages that are unethical, insulting, abusive, offensive, threatening, harassing, or acting in any similar manner. This includes members or messages that practice or involve illegal activities, or those that violate or disregard these guidelines or the Terms of Service.

Be yourself

Impersonating another member, a community moderator, or a representative of a legitimate organization is not tolerated. You may; however, select to use a screen name to remain anonymous.

No advertising, solicitation, or commercial activity

Commercial activity will not be tolerated in this community. These forums are not to be used to post or discuss pricing, discounts, availability, margins or any other matters related to the purchase, sale, or exchange of Nutanix products or services. You must also refrain from posting any content that would constitute advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of solicitation of vendors, customers, products, services, or personnel. If you do post any such commercial material or engage in any advertising, spam or solicitation, Nutanix will remove the content in violation and your account from the community.

Protect your own and your company's private information

Be careful not to share your User ID and password, as it is against community policy. Never allow others to log on with your identity. You are solely responsible for your actions and the information you share in the community. Before submitting files, images or other documents ensure that you have removed any confidential information about you or your company such as; company name, IP addresses, etc. You may not disseminate or discuss any confidential information of you, your company, Nutanix or any other person or entity. You are solely responsible for ensuring that anything you post does not contain information that may be deemed confidential by a third party. This includes any proprietary information, trade secrets, and the terms or existence of Nutanix related agreements, nondisclosure agreements, sales or service agreements or other information that may be deemed confidential.

Make good decisions

There are some willing contributors to the community, but remember, their advice is theirs only. You are responsible for deciding whether to follow it. As in any community, it is possible that the information you find here could be incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or misleading. Keep in mind that other community members have varying levels of experience and that each environment is unique. These factors affect their decisions and advice. Please do acknowledge answers that help. If an answer solves your problem, please mark it as such to help others with the same or similar question. Remember, someone took the time to help you, and it is important to the growth of this community that you help others where you can. In some cases, you may solve the problem yourself. If so, we hope you will post the solution so that everyone can benefit from the experience.

Flag inappropriate content for review

If you recognize any violation of these guidelines, please notify us within the community by choosing “Report Inappropriate Content” from the message's Options menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate. If you need any clarification about our guidelines, terms, or policies, please let us know.

About Nutanix's role in the community

Nutanix NEXT is a community intended to enable and foster peer-based interaction. To foster the development of the community, Nutanix will monitor the community, ensuring adherence to the Terms of Service and these usage guidelines. In addition to any remedies set forth in the Terms of Service, your violation of the usage guidelines or the Terms of Service may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your access privileges to this community. Deletion of content submitted by you to the community or any other actions deemed necessary or appropriate by Nutanix in its sole discretion.

Nutanix will attempt to resolve issues or problems within the community. Nutanix's employees will not respond to every post and will not be actively involved in the majority of discussions.

Community administrators are the only authorized representatives of Nutanix. While Nutanix employees may read and add comments to discussions, these comments are not official Nutanix answers. Nutanix does not intend for the Next Community to act as a replacement for technical support, if you need technical support, please contact your designated customer support contact.

Any advice or information given by Nutanix, its employees or representatives, or any other members of the community is provided “as-is” and without warranty of any kind, and your use of any such information is entirely at your own risk. Please see the Nutanix Next community Terms of Service for more information about the terms governing your use of the Nutanix Next Community.

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