VDI and Computer Name/ClientName variable

  • 8 August 2020
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This seems like a painfully basic topic to be asking about, but being unfamiliar with VDI and having difficulty in finding the appropriate syntax to get solid hits, I’m just going to put this out here.

We have dependencies in several application which rely upon the Computer Name (Windows Computer Name) and/or the ClientName variable to perform certain functions. With this in mind we are trying to identify how/if we can assign static ‘Computer Name(s)’ to specific individual users so that upon logging into their VDI session they will always receive the same Computer Name to be leveraged by the applications in question.

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2 replies

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I will answer to your question shortly

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You can achieve that by static assigned desktop pools (persistent or non-persistent). It means that one user will always use that one desktop you assign. VM name won’t change during session, won’t change in a persistent desktop and non-persistent desktop config. If you have a pool of instances you of course wil get a random VM out of the pool. VMware and Citrix can do static assigned non-persistent VMs for that use case. Nutanix solution with Frame you can do it.