Solved: OSD via SCCM problem

  • 12 January 2017
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i ran into an error with my OS-Deployment via SCCM on my AHV cluster.

I apply the Nutanix related drivers in the Tasksequence with following query:
Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem Where Model LIKE "KVM"

This worked for me all the time.
After i migrated the cluster to AOS5.0 this step is skipped in the tasksequence with a message that says that this condition is FALSE.
Could it be, that a newly created vm an a AOS5.0 based cluster displays another Model?My running vms on this cluster still show KVM as modul, so i'm a little bit confused.

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Yes, we changed this from KVM to Nutanix AHV in AOS 5.0.

It is possible to revert this branding with a system wide GFLAG, and we're working on adding a per-VM flag to revert the branding on a more granular VM by VM basis for customers who don't want to see that.

The easiest approach would to be update the SCCM side to match the new branding, but if you need to change the AOS side, contact support and they can help enable that backend GFLAG (custom tuning flag)

Check out the AOS 5.0 release notes, under Notes and Cautions:

As of AOS 5.0, Nutanix has updated virtual SMBIOS system details reported by guest VMs managed by AHV. The details include the virtual hardware platform name. Specifically, the hypervisor and vendor names have been rebranded to AHV and Nutanix, respectively. This change might affect a limited number of applications that use hardware information for licensing activation, for example. Please contact Nutanix support if this change affects your applications.
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Hi Jon,

thanks for the hint.
It was exactly the solution to my problem.

I fixed the query on the SCCM Tasksequence. So no need to fix something on AOS for me.