Prism alerts on "Users-based License Overshoot," source for


Hi Folks,

customer is getting an alert with “Users-based License Overshoot”, from where does prism get the information how many users are connected?

Horitzon shows a lower user count


Best answer by Jarian 13 June 2023, 15:55

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Maybe @KeesBaggerman or @Jarian can help?

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Looping in @JoeRizkallah as our PM for EUC, as we’re not able to connect to your broker yet we would only be able to use VM count. I know we’ve been working on alerting but wasn’t aware we already implemented such a thing. 

Yep to add, it could be looking at VM count. Like @KeesBaggerman said, wasn’t aware we implemented any alerting yet.

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Thx Jarian

This alert is triggert

We have 80 horizon workers and 60 users connected, no clue how the diff of 11 is calculated…