POC Project for School of Dentistry Xi Frame by Nutanix Report.

  • 10 March 2020
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POC Project for School of Dentistry Xi Frame by Nutanix Report.

Goal, to provide secure anytime, anywhere access to School of Dentistry IT resources using only an HTML5 browser and an Internet connection.

Resources provided by Nutanix, one NX-3060-G5 4 node host server, 1.9 Tera Bytes of ram, 6.14 Tear Bytes of SSD disk, 4-10 Gig uplink connections with 12 1 Gig crossover connections. Full install team for hardware install and base line server setup and config. Completed install and config support for Xi-Frame system software install and testing. Nutanix support team Bill Roberts Senior Systems Engineer SLED Central, and Terry Homan SLED Central Account Manager. Completed without errors in 6 hours.

Resources provided by Nutanix software support personal, complete setup and testing of Xi-Frame operating system for on-prem private cloud services. Full networking config and testing for integration into “blue.jays.creighton.edu” active directory domain. Nutanix software support personal Damian Genie Xi-Frame Technical Account Manager, and Dan Simmons Sr. Solutions Architect Nutanix- Frame. Completed without errors in 6 hours.

Resources provided by ITLS networking personal, complete design and connection config completed by Chris Vaverek   Lead IT Architect to connect the Nutanix system to our LAN and switching systems. Completed without errors in 6 hours.

Resources provided by ITLS CSA / RadLab personal, completed install of Axium and MiPacs denial software into the Xi-Frame VDI windows 10 computer platform completed by Steve Maaske, Isaac Inkabi, and Sean Malone. Completed without errors in 5 hours.

Resources provided by Sirius Network Team, completed all firewall rule changes to provide access to MiPacs and Axium database files on SQL and IIS servers. Total time changing the rules was 9-man hours but took 5 weeks of wait time as CAB approval only happens once a week. Completed without errors in 9 hours.

End user testing resources provided by School of Dentistry personal directed by Lead Technologist Mark Ramet and 33 students, faculty and clinic staff.  Testing of 25 VDI systems on 24/7 rotation completed over three weeks proved that Xi-Frame running on Nutanix hardware was better than expected. Students stated that “they could do all their work from anywhere at any time using Xi-Frame” Build time for capacity to add new systems was reduced to an hour to stand up 25 systems.

Conclusion, Xi-Frame completed all functions of current desktop systems being used now on campus without having to buy any PC’s and allowed School of Dentistry personal to work anytime, anywhere with only an internet connection and an HTML 5 browser.

Go Jays! Go Nutanix!

Robby Daniels Xi-Frame Administrator.

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Thanks so much for sharing @Robby Lynn Daniels I am really excited to hear that the team was able to help out in this very challenging time. Keep us posted on future events!