Nutanix Frame VDI integrated with Azure AD

  • 11 August 2023
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We have a Nutanix Frame POC in progress and we would want users to login to their VDI session using the Azure AD account (the machine would be joined to AzureAD / Entra).

Is this possible / supported with Nutanix Frame ? Right now we have integrated okta in the Nutanix Frame portal, however the user still logs in using the “frame” user inside the VM

So if it’s possible, how? Is there documentation available on how to achieve this ?

If not supported, why not ?

Thank you


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3 replies

Hi there

your case is by link

From that document I get the integration works on the portal / launchpad level.

My requirement is for users to be logged into the VDI OS (Windows 10/11) with their Azure AD account.
Is this how it’s working? 


check this