How to add a instance type to an existing Frame account?

  • 15 September 2020
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I want to add a new instance type to an exiting account.   I am using the 3.0 Cloud Connector, and have already added the instance type in the CCA configuration.   Now I just need to know how to add the type to the Frame account?

Any help would be much appreciated?

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4 replies

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Hi GeoB,


Have you seen this? KB-9281 Manual CCA AHV Configuration - Xi Frame

If I understand your question correctly, it has answers to your question. Take a good look and let me know of any questions you still have after that.

But if I want to add more sandbox template that came from my on-prem Nutanix AHV how can i do ?

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You do it in Customer section on the right side where the dot’s are?




If you want add more instance to an account, you have to do to a non-persistent desktop under Capacity:


If you have a persistent desktop, you can always switch out the instance type in status.


as of 10/8/2021, if you have GPU’s like we do, you cannot create new instance type with GPU’s.  I have a ticket open hoping to get it resolved.  We currently use NVIDIA V100 solution for engineers.  We are also have issues when the users leave the VDI session after the Nvidia license is acquired and when the FRAME session times out, Frames will shut off the machine.  The shutdown process somehow does not log the users off or initiates the logout and the Nvidia license is stuck reserved out.  Everyday, we have to cycle download new Grid license on our License server and delete old license checked out by machines that are shutdown incorrect by Frame process is wipe and we can then load a new license and restart the license server.

Good thing this has support.. suppose to be easier than Horizon.. it would not be if I did not have support.

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Thanks for sharing @KouS :thumbsup: