Citrix Sessions not changing to disconnected state after upgrade to 5.15.6

  • 8 October 2021
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Hi there guys!

We’ve recently upgraded our cluster from 5.15.3 to 5.15.6 because of a bug with Acropolis Sevice. After the upgrade, we are running into a weird issue with our Citrix Environment.

Right now we are using CVAD 7.15 CU2 and AOS 5.15.6 with Windows 7 MCS pool of 1000 VMs with UPM

When a user disconnects from a session (hitting disconnect or the red X sqare button) director shows the session Active instead of Disconnected and the curious thing is that it reports to be a Console session

After playing around upgrading a test platform to 1912 CU3 and VirtIO drivers to the latest version, we’ve found the same issue. Also repeated the tests with Nutanix CE version 20190916 with the same results.

At this point we ran out of ideas an decided to create an ESX cluster in lab, and guess what? it works fine. Disconnected sessions are showing up as they should.

We suspect that can be related to AHV because of the test. Also we have a case opened with Nutanix and afterwards we will open a Citrix case

Any ideas?

Have someone ran into same issue?


4 replies

I’m seeing the exact same thing using MCS single-session.  CVAD and VDA versions are both 1912 CU4.  I tried updating the master image to VDA 2203 and same result.  I currently have a Citrix case opened but after seeing this message I may be barking up the wrong tree.  Did you find a resolution?  


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Hi @rwestillon 

Wow! I totally forgot this old thread 😅. Not 100% sure but what we did to solve the issue was creating the following registry key on the Master VM instead of applying it via GPO.

  • Location : HKLM\Software\Citrix\Portica
  • Name : ForceDisableRemotePC
  • Type : DWORD
  • Value : 1

Create a new snapshot on your master VM with that registry key and afterwards create a test, pre production or whatever fancy name machine catalog to try it and let us know if it worked. I can’t guarantee that it will do but maybe gives you a clue with your Citrix case. Bear in mind that this happened to us with VDAs 7.15 CU2


Hope this helps



That’s it!  I’ve been at this for months.  Thanks for the help!  I’ll update the Citrix case I have open.  

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Hi @rwestillon 


I’m glad it helped!