Citrix MCS shadow clones on Metro Availability

  • 5 October 2017
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Hi guys,
finally after 6 years I can update our XenApp farm from 6 on win2k8R2 to 7.15 LTSR on Win2k12R2.
I've read this good post of how Citrix MCS or PVS can leverage the Nutanix shadow clones:

My enviroment is 2 Nutanix cluster on metro availability on 1 vmware stretched cluster.
The question is, how MCS can works in this scenario?
I need 2 master image, one per Nutanix cluster? Because with only one master image I can't leverage the caching/data locality of the VM in the second cluster and vice versa.


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Typically you won't use MA for a non-persistent workload, depending on the environment and connectivity you could use a single master image for both clusters (as it's a VMware streched cluster) but you could also replicate just the master image and use that in the 2nd datacenter. If you have 2 different 'sources' this would envoke the shadow clone process in the background for both of your machine catalogs.