Citrix ADC VPX on AHV

  • 23 November 2020
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Executive Summary

This solution note discusses the benefits of deploying Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) VPX on the Nutanix enterprise cloud OS while running the native Nutanix hypervisor, AHV. Citrix ADC VPX offers a fully integrated application delivery suite for any type of application deployment. Running ADC VPX on AHV gives you unlimited scalability, availability, and a hardened, secure platform. Nutanix takes Citrix’s commitment to simplicity to another level with streamlined management, reduced rollout time, and enhanced performance.

The Citrix ADC Platform

The Citrix ADC platform is available as a hardware appliance (MPX, SDX) or a software appliance (BLX, CPX, VPX) on private and public clouds. In this document, we focus on VPX.

  • VPX
    Software-based virtual appliances that run on widely deployed hypervisors and support 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps performance levels.

  • ADC on AWS
    The full suite of ADC capabilities provisioned on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

  • ADC on Azure
    The full suite of ADC capabilities provisioned on the Microsoft Azure environment.

  • ADC on GCP
    The full suite of ADC capabilities provisioned on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment.

Enterprises can use ADC VPX for on-premises deployments of Citrix ADC, and use ADC on AWS, ADC on Azure, or ADC on GCP for cloud-based deployments.



Citrix ADC and Nutanix AHV

ADC VPX on AHV offers secure remote access, web and application load balancing, and acceleration features all in a single virtual appliance. Organizations of any size can deploy ADC VPX appliances and take advantage of the ability to scale up or out, depending on their needs.

  • Scale up
    Increase network elasticity with up to five times faster performance on demand, without the need for additional hardware, using ADC Pay-As-You-Grow licensing.

  • Scale out
    Expand capacity up to 32 times with zero downtime and no idle network resources by leveraging Citrix ADC clustering.

Too often, deploying new applications and application updates is a time-consuming and complex task that taxes already overcommitted internal IT organizations. Running ADC VPX in a virtualized environment, however, simplifies this process and reduces the time to market for application deployments.

With the shift to moving network services as close to the application as possible, Citrix ADC VPX has become one of the most frequently deployed solutions in virtualized desktop and enterprise application environments. ADC VPX and AHV complement each other to provide a flexible and efficient foundation for end-user computing, applications, and more.


For more information on this, please visit our documentation on Citrix ADC VPX on AHV


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