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Making Logical Choices: Running Oracle Databases on Nutanix

by Nutanix Employee chheda on ‎11-09-2016 05:00 PM - last edited on ‎11-14-2016 11:57 AM by Community Manager (1,895 Views)

This post was authored by Sachin Chheda, Tom Dau and Michael Webster from the Nutanix Solutions team.


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform has always been about bringing cloud-like operational simplicity to enterprise datacenters. Back in June at our second .NEXT conference, Nutanix demonstrated in the keynote how easy it is to support both virtualized and physical applications on Nutanix AHV.


In the past few months, we have seen a lot of interest from customers and prospects on running Oracle databases and applications on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. The reasons customers gave us on why their Enterprise Cloud Platform made sense for their business critical workloads ranged from wanting to lower their overall costs to improving their app responsiveness and performance to accelerating application development to simplifying application lifecycle and infrastructure management.


The solutions team here at Nutanix has been busy working on a wide range of activities including Oracle related certification, technical solutions notes and best practices, demo/self-paced videos, and customer success stories and case studies to help infrastructure teams and DBAs make a smooth transition to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Here are a few specific items and assets from the list.


First, Oracle has certified Nutanix Acropolis Block Services as external network storage for Oracle VM and Oracle Linux. Oracle and Nutanix joint customers can get the peace of mind knowing their web-scale Nutanix cluster has been validated as external storage to support their critical applications and databases running on Oracle Linux, either on bare metal servers or those virtualized through Oracle VM. You can find the Nutanix certification on the Oracle website (linked here). In addition to ABS, Oracle Linux VMs can be run on AHV, bringing its benefits to Oracle environments.


Second, we have recently published videos and technical documents around using Nutanix ABS, data protection and virtualization functionality for Oracle environments.



Third, Nutanix has commissioned IDC to put together an objective case study of one of our Oracle customers, a large global gaming company, as they transitioned off their previous Oracle deployment on to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform running Nutanix AHV.


The report resulting of IDC’s detailed interview of the customer uncovered challenges with their previous environments, details of their evaluation process, and the benefits they have experienced in their Oracle environment including a ten million dollar savings in licensing as a result of their move to Nutanix.


The report also covers their evolution as an organization using virtualization and automation to improve operations efficient and DBA productivity. You can read the IDC report here and check out other Nutanix customer success stories on our website including how LION Group is running Oracle’s Peoplesoft HCM software on their own Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.


Get Started


We want to hear from you if you are like the numerous IT organizations worldwide, looking to efficiently support both virtual and physical applications without compromising service levels, performance, or scalability.


You can also send us a note (info@nutanix.com) or DM us on Twitter (@Nutanix) to set up a customized briefing and architecture discussion about how Nutanix technologies can help you create the ideal infrastructure your Oracle applications and databases. We can also help you size out and estimate various benefits including space and TCO for your Oracle environment using the AWR report. After all, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platforms are the logical choice for your Oracle databases and applications.


Disclaimer: This blog contains links to external websites that are not part of Nutanix.com. Nutanix does not control these sites, and disclaims all responsibility for the content or accuracy of any external site. Our decision to link to an external site should not be considered an endorsement of any content on such site.


Twitter Chat: Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

by Community Manager ‎10-09-2015 08:36 AM - edited ‎10-09-2015 09:23 AM (1,454 Views)

This week, we had an exciting and active Twitter chat on the topic of sharing your best practices on virtualizing enterprise applications. We had a number of folks contribute to the discussion, and some very interesting concepts and ideas were raised.


We asked folks on Twitter to share their favorite best practices for virtualizing enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and SAP apps. Some of the areas we covered were sizing and performance, application and data migration, virtualization and compute, storage, high availability, networking and security.


We asked five questions during the 30 minute chat:


  • Can all business critical applications be virtualized? if not, what is stopping you? How will you overcome the challenge?
  • Do you use native HA virtualization tools or native HA app tools or both to provide maximum uptime for your business critical applications?
  • How should IT size out their business critical applications (storage and compute)? Any best practices tips?
  • Software licensing is sometimes overlooked in planning when virtualizing business critical applications, how did you deal with this?
  • What specific storage considerations should IT pay attention to when virtualizing business critical applications T0/T1 apps?

Below is a sample of tweets from the chat, check them out and let us know what you think, continue the conversation over at the Nutanix NEXT community.  Follow @Nutanix on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.


Missed the Twitter chat, but still want to contribute? You can here -  we will award the top 5 best practices (as judged by a panel of Nutanix and industry experts) a $100 gift card (or local equivalent) and the next top 10 best practices a $50 gift card (or local equivalent). Contest ends Oct 22, 2015.




Are you the go-to person for best practices in your virtualization friend circle? Do you regularly blog/tweet on ways how to make your fellow virtualization/application admins/architects' lives a little easier? Here is your chance to share your knowledge.


Share your favorite best practices for virtualizing enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and SAP apps and databases in 100 words or less. We will compile the best ones and share with the community.


Here are some of the categories to get your brain cells firing:

  • Sizing and performance
  • Application and data migration
  • Virtualization and compute
  • Storage 
  • High availability
  • Networking and security
  • Others

Apart from assigning bragging rights, we also award the top 5 best practices (as judged by a panel of Nutanix and industry experts) a $100 gift card (or local equivalent) and the next top 10 best practices a $50 gift card (or local equivalent).


Feeling sharp? Submit as many as entries as you think will benefit your peers! As much as 3 entries can be select from a single person.


Submit your entry here.


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