Certificate errors in fresh installation

  • 23 April 2024
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Hi again.
So i did my fresh installation, and at long last the password worked.

Now, i can access the https://ip-of-cvm:9440, but only using “Internet Explorer”

Any other browser will say something like this:
“IP” usually uses encryption to protect your information. This time when Microsoft Edge tried to connect to “IP“, the site returned unusual and incorrect credentials. This can happen when a hacker tries to impersonate “IP” or a Wi-Fi login screen has disconnected. Your information is still safe because Microsoft Edge disconnected before any data was exchanged.

You can't visit “IP” right now because the site has sent encrypted credentials that Microsoft Edge can't process. Network failures and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work again later.


And using “Internet Explorer” it seems like a lot of virual elements arent displayed correctly.


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Example of the visual elements not working, is that “settings” is a blank page.


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Hello. You can face this issue in the modern Chrome-based browser. On the screen with the certificate warning message type, - thisisunsafe and you will proceed to the login page.

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Yeah looking better!

Try grabbing a copy of Firefox as an alternative.

Looking way better :)