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Nutanix Technology Champion 2017 Applications Are Open!

by Community Manager on ‎10-11-2016 02:58 PM (5,553 Views)

NTC Applications.png

I am delighted to announce applications for the 2017 Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) program are now open. Applications will be accepted up to November 7, 2016, at midnight PST. NTCs for 2017 will be announced in December.


This program recognizes Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry. It also provides them with unique opportunities to further expand their knowledge, amplify their brand, help shape the future of the Enterprise Cloud.


Benefits to program members include:


  • Early access briefings about Nutanix products and announcements
  • Access to private betas and insight into ongoing product development
  • Participation in exclusive meetings with engineering teams
  • Access to discussions on the Nutanix NTC slack channel with internal teams
  • Support of individuals in pursuit of Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) Certification
  • Mentorship for those seeking Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) career development
  • Exclusive guest blogging and speaking opportunities


Candidates are reviewed individually and to be considered for the program, they must complete and submit the online NTC Application Form.


The following criteria will be considered, but not limited to:


  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud product expertise, including technical knowledge about other products from VMware, Docker, Citrix, Microsoft, Dell, OpenStack, SAP, Puppet, etc.
  • Related industry awards and technical certifications
  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud community contributions via blogs, articles, webinars, social media, and the Next Community
  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud education and support in the field
  • Industry user group and community event leadership


Any other resources or activities that benefit the community and contribute to Enterprise IT.


For more information about the NTC Program, please feel free to email me at angelo.luciani@nutanix.com. Also follow Nutanix on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.


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What are You Looking Forward to at .NEXT?

by Community Manager ‎05-30-2016 09:53 AM - edited ‎05-31-2016 04:46 PM (2,224 Views)

Our .NEXT conference is just around the corner, and we asked several of our NTCs what they are looking forward to the most while attending .NEXT, some are the first time attendee's while other attended last year- here is what they had to say.


Eric Miller (NTC)

I am looking forward to the wealth of expertise that can be tapped at .NEXT. All Nutanix employees are very approachable including the developers, engineers, and product managers. They are willing to listen to my feedback and answer any questions I may have related to making the most of our Nutanix investment at Vizergy. - .NEXT is a great experience that I hope to be a part of for years to come.


Connect with me on Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Google+ | Blog


Sylvain Huguet (NTC)

I'm attending .Next for the first time this year, missed it for no good reason last year, so I'm looking forward to meeting with fellow end-users to exchange stories and use cases for Nutanix. Also, I'm going there to get a sneak-peak at the future of the products and the company, as I'm sure that Nutanix has kept some incredible goodies in the bag and that the best is yet to come. Finally, I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow NTC and NCUG Leaders for a get-together and networking time. Meeting those guys in person after chatting with them so much is something that I can't wait for!


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Kevin Martin (NTC)

In less than 30 days Nutanix. NEXT will be upon us! I’m super excited as unfortunately I was not able to attend the event in Miami, FL last year. Trace3 just recently kicked off our HCI practice, and I’m looking forward to how Nutanix will help shape and lead this solution based offering. There is no doubt in my mind that Nutanix will engage with its clients, as well as partners to deliver an outstanding conference packed with innovation and a next generation hybrid cloud-based vision.


I’m interested in learning more about extensibility into different cloud-based offerings and how the Acropolis hypervisor will transform Datacenters in the years to come. I will also be participating in Nutanix’s new certification – NPSX. This is a tremendous opportunity for myself and Trace3 as a trusted advisor to our clients, as well as becoming a real extension of the Nutanix sales team. This is going to be a great experience, and I hope to see many of my colleagues there! 


Connect with me on Twitter | LinkedIn


Neal Dolson (NTC)

I'm most looking forward to all the announcements that are sure to be made at .NEXT - last year didn't disappoint, and I'm sure this year won't either. I'm also looking forward to attending sessions on how other people are using Nutanix to support their businesses outside of my day to day activities. It'll also give me a chance to meet people whose blogs I read on a regular basis and rub elbows with peers in the community. And last but not least, I can't leave out the entertaining nightlife that Las Vegas has to offer.


Connect with me on Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog


Daemon Behr (NTC)

.NEXT will be a coming together of some of the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking people in the industry. The leaps in computing evolution that we are seeing are not just from engineering in technologies but from architects, developers and other people that are simplifying complexity.


I am currently writing a book called “Designing Risk in IT Infrastructure” which looks at the design process from many angles such as; deconstruction, psychology, critical infrastructure engineering, mathematics, and risk modeling. Several contributors and technical editors of this book will be .NEXT. It will truly be a great conference of intellectual wealth.


Connect with me on Twitter | Linkedin


Michael Wilmsen (NTC)

My main reason for attending .NEXT is talking to peers and people who are busy thinking about the future of Hyperconverged storage and way the future of the datacenter will be.
This will give me a great opportunity to get an inside peek of the future.


Connect with me on Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog


Rene Van Den Bedem (NTC/NPX/VCDX)

I am looking forward to collaborating with my brother NPX/NTCs and meeting like-minded Nutants who believe in transformation and hyper-converged infrastructure. I am also eagerly anticipating the NX Files session.


Connect with me on Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog


Bart Donders (NTC) 

With my visit to .NEXT next month, I expect to explore more features and possibilities of the Nutanix Platform. My current projects are some ‘basic’ virtualization projects, and I hope to learn more about more use cases with the platform. Besides that I am curious about the roadmap for the platform and which functionality will be added. Of course I am looking forward to meet the people in person, so I can add a real face to a name.


Connect with me on Twitter | Linkedin


Are you attending .NEXT in Las Vegas?  Continue the conversation in our .NEXT 2016 community forums - Let's Talk .NEXT 2016


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Welcome to the 2016 Nutanix Technology Champions


Welcome to the 2016 Nutanix Technology Champions

by Community Manager ‎12-01-2015 07:07 AM - edited ‎12-01-2015 03:17 PM (13,434 Views)

I am delighted to announce the 2016 group of Nutanix Technology Champions. This year has seen enormous demand from the community to participate in this program, and on behalf of the entire community team here at Nutanix, we are grateful and honored in the volume and the quality of the feedback we’ve had.

The Nutanix Technology Champion program spans the globe and is comprised of IT professionals from every cloud, application group, and technology. They are committed to news ways of thinking that will power the next generation of enterprise computing.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and will be contacting our new NTC members shortly with more details. Congratulate one another and if you are sharing on social, please do use #NutanixNTC so other's can engage in the conversation. Thank you for believing in us and the larger community.


If you any questions, please reach out to me @aluciani


Here are your 2016 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC) 


Name Community Account
Aaron Barber aarox
Aaron Braundmeier braundmeier
Ahmed Sameh ahmedsameh
Ajay Nair ajaxnair
Ajesh Ashokan ayushwithu
Akshay Dave  
Alexander Ervik Johnsen ervik
ALİ AYDIN aaydin
Andrea Mauro AndreTheGiant
Arjan Hendriks arjanhs
arnaud alapaquette alapaquette
Atanu Chowdhury  
Balaji Natarajan balaaji
Bart Donders badonders
Bas van Kaam BasvanKaam
Bert van der Lingen bertvdl
Bob Dussault BobDHBC
Bob Perkins bperkins
Brant Scalan N3tb0ss
Brett Neie BrettNeie
Bryan Adelman bryaade
Burak Ustun BurakUstunTR
Cary Dahl carydahl
Cem BALIK cembalik
Cheuk Him Ng arhim
chris farmer Chris_Farmer
Chris Lara chrislara
chris monfet chrismonfet
Christian Strijbos vchrisst
Christopher DiMartino cdimartino
Clay Godshalk skialta30
Jirah Cox vJirah
D Srinivasa Rao sdevaguptapu
Daemon Behr daemonbehr
Daniel Morris danmoz
Danijel Lukenda  
Darren Ashley BEarenaDarrenA
Darryl Crossley BEarenaDarryl
David Quinney quinney_david_n
David Sak davidsak
Derik Davenport threeD
Devnir Teixeira  
Eduardo Molina molikop
Engin Yoruker Engin
Eric Mak ericmak
Eric Miller emiller
Eric Steinke Virtual_EZ
Estela Cantu  
Fabien Azra Fabien
Fabio Conti, Santos  
Fabrice COLAS FabriceColas
Fabricio Almeida fabricioalmeida
Farhan Parkar farhanparkar
Fouad EL AKKAD felakkad
Francis MILLOT fmillot
Fred Newtz fnewtz
Frederic Lhoest flhoest
Gatien GHEZA GatienGheza
Gaurav Singh  
George Hewitt georgehewitt
Gokalp Ercilasun gercilasun
Gregg Pessin gpessin
Guy Defryn AllBlack
Herman Rutten havoc
Hernan Scavetta hscavetta
Jake Fernandez jnfernandez
James Brown jbcompvm
James Gallegos  
James Henderson  
Jarian Gibson jariangibson
Jason Paugys  
Jateen Bhalla jateenbhalla
Jetsada Suwaphanwattana Jetsada
Jinu Varghese Jinu
Joel Epstein joel_epstein
Joep Piscaer jpiscaer
John Davidson alsmaster
Joseph Correia irelandjoe
Joseph Griffiths Gortees
Josh Brotherton  
Josh Thow jqvm
Jugal Damani  
Justin Rackliffe jrack
Kartik Sennerikuppam  
Kelly Clemmensen KellyClemmensen
kevin golding g0ldingkev
Kevin Pinto kevin.pinto@betait.net
Kevin Martin kmartin
Kumar Diwkar Prasad kumardiwakar
Kuntjoro Rahardjo Kuntz
Larry Gonzalez virtualizecr
Lev Goronshteyn levtech1
Lukas, Klinger vLukas
Mabundit Muangkhum Mabundit
Mandeep Patiyal mandeeppatiyal
Manfred Pichlbauer pi
Marcelo Trivelatto  
Mario Rielaender vMario156
Marius Sandbu msandbu
Mark Yang Mark_Yang
Marlon Menezes menezm
Martin Meuwese m_meuwese
Matteo Belletti bellettma
Matthew Day idiomatically
Maurice Breit maurice
Michael Wilmsen mwilmsen
Mohan Rao Krishnayya  
Nataraj Purudappa pnataraj
Neal, Dolson ndolson
Nick Bowie NickB
Nick Wang Sheng_Yuan
Nicolas Thaesler NicolasThaesler
Nikolay Nikolov Nikolov
Noham Medyouni noham
Oliver Batz Oliver_Batz
Orth Mike MikeOrthAtDell
Patricio Cerda pr_cerda
Pawan Sharma Pawan_Sharma
Qiang Zhu ZhuQiang
Queberth Soto queberth
Rajesh Srinivasan  
Rama Krishna Gyajangi  
Raphael Meyerowitz rmeyerowitz
Ratnadeep Chakrabarty  
Ravi chandran Ravichandran
Ravi Masand rm
Rene Van Den Bedem rbedem
Rick Falcetta rfalcetta2016
Robert Andruchovici RobertA
Ronnie Hamilton ronnie
Ryan Harris vRyan
Sachin Bhowan sbhowan
Sakthi Esakiappan  
Sandesh Kubde sandeshkubde
Sean Massey seanpmassey
Sean Werth bearenasw
Sergio Delgado Sergio_Delgado
Sergio Nunes  
Shane Kleinert skleinert
Somasundaram Veerasingam soma
Spencer Dauphin SpencerDauphin
steeve delmotte Steeve
Stuart Gunnis SGunnis
Sungho Hwang sungho
Sylvain Huguet shuguet
Tayfun DEGER tayfundeger
Tim Buckholz tbuckholz
Todd Geib tgctx
tony perello  
Trey Lester met3_1
Trond Eirik Haavarstein xenappblog
Valentino, Erre Verre
Vikrant Pawan  
Vishal Yagnik  
Wai Hing Chong chongwh
Wesley dnswes
William Clagett brucec
Yon Ubago yon_ubago
You-Jia Hwang You-Jia_Hwang
yuequan zhuo zhuoyq


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