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How to get Nutanix Xpress up and running quickly

by Community Manager on ‎07-12-2016 06:04 AM (4,618 Views)

Nutanix Xpress is a new solution designed to bring the power of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform to small and medium businesses. Nutanix Xpress is so simple that a single IT professional can install and manage an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, freeing valuable time to focus on initiatives that directly impact the top line.


Our team put together a series of three videos to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with Nutanix Xpress. Enjoy!


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How to mount and cable your Nutanix Express block in a server rack 



How to configure the Foundation software installation 



How to do your initial cluster configuration in Prism



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Symon Perriman 5Nine Software EP24

by Community Manager on ‎07-02-2015 05:41 AM (549 Views)


Welcome to this episode of the Nutanix NEXT Community Podcast. This weekly podcast is an informal and technical look at topics around Nutanix, web-scale, IT, and the online IT community. You can think of it as a campfire and coffee shop for the extended Nutanix community.


This week our guest is Symon Perriman from 5Nine Software, we chat about virtualization security, Microsoft, Hyper-V, Cloud and looking ahead.


Symon Perriman
5Nine Software
Hyper-v Security Essentials
Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program
Nutanix Elevate Blog for Technology Alliance Partners


Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani
Robert Corradini @netwatch
Thomas Gustaveson @NutanixTommy


We’d love to hear what you think and we’re always looking for guests from the community. Contact us at community@nutanix.com. Follow @Nutanix on Twitter for news and announcements.


Subscribe to the podcast using iTunes,  or SoundCloud. See you next time!


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