RPO is in days, but falls under the 6 hour RPO check

  • 25 April 2023
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I want to create a configuration in Sizer that takes a snapshot once a day.
However, an error message is displayed on Sizer and configuration is not possible.
"Cluster: 'Cluster-1' nodes with SSD capacity less than 7.68TB are not allowed when configuring Hybrid nodes with RPO of 6 hour and node capacity ranging from >96TB upto 136TB. For more info, refer to Nutanix Maximum Configurations & Snapshot Frequency Field Requirements"

Sizer's workload only has Daily Snapshots set.
"Hourly Snapshot Retained" is unchecked.

However, for some reason, the condition check for 6 hours RPO is caught, and the hardware cannot be configured.

What should I do to remove this error?

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4 replies

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Hello Takhagi,

Looks like a bug, I can see that with daily snapshot the hourly RPO are coming into play. Will ask engineering to look into this and provide an ETA.

cc: @Parvinder 




Hello Takhagi,

  It should be fixed, you may want to try to create the sizer scenario again. I am now able to get through the error message now.


Best regards


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Has this issue been fixed?
I am still reproducing it here.

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Has this issue been fixed?
I am still reproducing it here.

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