Prism central loging

  • 18 March 2024
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When attempting to log in to Prism Central for the first time, I encountered the following issues despite using the default Nutanix username and password.



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4 replies

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Well the default, for Prism Central, is:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Nutanix/4u (yes with capital N). 

Have you tried this? Because the message is pretty clear ;) 


Hi Jeroen,

I attempted to use the credentials provided:

Username: admin
Password: Nutanix/4u

However, Prism Central displayed the following error:



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Oke someone probably changed the password. 


What you can do is ssh into the pcvm with the nutanix account and change the admin password from there: 

pcvm$ ncli user reset-password user-name="admin" password="Enter_New_Password"

Hi Jeroen,

I used ^UID}&u#3 as the password but it indicate following error


“Password requirements: Should be at least 8 characters long. Should have at least 1 lowercase character(s). Should have at least 1 uppercase character(s). Should have at least 1 digit(s). Should have at least 1 special character(s). Should differ by at least 4 characters from previous password. Should not be from last 5 passwords. Should not have more than 2 same consecutive character(s). Should not be a dictionary word or too simplistic/systematic. Should should have at least one character belonging to 4 out of the 4 supported classes (lowercase, uppercase, digits, special characters).”